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Our comprehensive Swedish dictionary
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Swedish-English dictionary includes two monolingual dictionaries, an English dictionary (described under "English") and a Swedish dictionary.

The Swedish monolingual dictionary covers grammar in the form of information on word class and inflected forms, as well as providing definitions.

Included is also a Scandinavian dictionary which is made up of three dictionaries (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) and displays entries in one language with translations into the other two languages. It contains words that the Nordic Council has defined as "problematic" when Scandinavians communicate. Although the languages are quite similar, some words have a completely different meaning in another Scandinavian language than may be expected.

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Swedish - English

This is the largest dictionary of its kind  on the market. It contains a plethora of examples that cover all the nuances of the language, especially in fields such as economics, law, commerce, medicine and various technical disciplines. The dictionary contains many sample sentences and focuses in particular on common words with multiple meanings.

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